meet the team

It takes a village to raise a child. Liberated Stories is our baby and here’s our village.

Julian Thomas

CEO & Co-Founder

Kelsey Thomas

CEO & Co-Founder

Charlie Thomas

Chief Snack Advisor

Odie Thomas

Executive of Cuteness

Jennifer Lo

Advisory Board

Aurielle Thomas

Advisory Board

Karla Prater

Advisory Board

Bri Wren

Web Developer


An enthusiast for community, Julian has a long list of accolades touting his ability to spearhead community-centered spaces: Lisbon MBA class president, Dartmouth Track Captain, Afro-American society leadership team, a creating the most active book club in town (a book a week?!).

Julian has noticed through his work at Nike, Children’s Cancer Association, and XXX that often what connects people is a common work. Each Liberated Stories experience offers a story arch that invites participants to join together, share their talents and uncover a story that supports the hero in each of us.

Julian’s strong Business acumen sets the groundwork for Liberated stories to be successful, sustainable.


As a trauma informed therapist, Kelsey has spent the last 10 years supporting the BIPOC community healing. Kelsey has come to the conclusion that healing can take place in the hard work of the therapy room, and is often expressed in play. She’s sat next to countless people who’ve done the work, and then lived out their liberation through play.

There’s a gap in Portland market for BIPOC centered play and Kelsey is inspired to bring an adult playground where humans can be wrapped around courageous stories of their predecessors and they live out their own liberation. For after all, trauma healing is all about being able to be present for the 10,000 joys and the 10,000 sorrows of life. So why not intentionally create a space for some of that joy?


Charlie has always enjoyed a good story and has recently started telling his own. Charlie brings a grounding understanding that stories are powerful, representation matters, and that we can choose what stories we amplify. Charlie completed his first escape room at 2 and has been interested in intersecting puzzles and stories ever since.


As the youngest of the Thomas family, Odie brings in enough personality to fill the room. He teaches us every day to marvel at all the nooks and crannies in life and is an invaluable team member to Liberated Stories.


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