liberated stories llc

Unlocking the stories that never made it to the classroom.

Liberated Stories is an innovative & immersive business venture set to revolutionize the entertainment & educational landscape in the Portland market.

We provide a one-of-a-kind overnight escape room experience that focuses on offering a unique BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) educational journey through immersive narrative, combining elements of mystery, adventure and problem-solving.


Participants step into a meticulously designed and themed environment where they become active participants in a carefully crafted storyline centered around BIPOC cultures, histories and achievements. Through a series of clues, puzzles and challenges, participants uncover hidden truths, unravel historical events and gain a deeper understanding of the unique experiences faced by BIPOC communities.

our mission

Our mission is to create an engaging and transformative experience that not only entertains but also educates participants about the rich histories, contributions and experiences of BIPOC communities.


We aim to create premiere immersive experiences that invite everyone to learn about BIPOC stories of greatness through art and captivating experiences.


We are creatively working toward a world where people think about BIPOC-centered spaces: ingenuity, excellence, innovation and creativity come to mind.


We value empowerment, play, healing, creativity, wonder, community and pushing the needle to achieve holistic and genuine liberation and equity for all.

This phase is focused on building the business plan, formulating a detailed project plan, budget and funding development, and securing a property.
The acquisition of the duplex. Quickly furnish is post 1 unit for temporary stays. Build the first immersive experience unit.

This phase begins when the first
immersive experience unit is complete and ready to host guest. While we are learning about the unit through an agile/customer-led approach, we are also building the 2nd.

This phase begins when the 2nd immersive experience is ready to host guests. At this point we will develop the BIPOC student STEM competition.

marketing analysis

  • Portland has a vibrant entertainment and tourism industry
  • There are no overnight escape rooms in Portland
  • Portland is a growing city with an active population
  • Escape rooms have high profit margins
  • The escape room market in Portland is becoming increasingly saturated
  • Escape rooms can be expensive to start and operate
  • Seasonal Demand: Portland’s tourism may experience seasonal fluctuations, with higher demand during certain months and lower demand during off-peak seasons
  • Immersive experiences can be marketed to a variety of demographics, including families, coperate groups, students and tourists
  • Targeting corperate clients for team-building exercises can provide a steady stream of bookings, especially during week days or slower periods
  • New technologies, such as virtual reality, could pose a threat to the escape room industry
  • The economy could slow down, which could lead to a decline in demand for escape rooms
  • Government regulations could make it more difficult or expensive to operate an escape room business
Liberated Stories LLC is building a unique
experience and the first in the Portland market, so there are no direct competitors. Competition will primarily be indirectly from Large Scale Immersive Experiences like Hopscotch, Meow Wolf, and Bridgeton-like experiences. There will also be indirect competition from escape rooms, OMSI a!er dark, and High-end Airbnbs.
Gender: Couples
Age: 27 – 40
Income: >$85,000
Early Adopters
Lead Customers:
Escape Room Enthusiasts
Gen-Z Social Media Influencer
Millennial Travelers for special occasions

support our vision

We seek to partner with those who have a passion to celebrate the courage and genius of BIPOC heroes by shining a spotlight on the stories that never made it to the classroom.

About Us


A passionate couple who share a love for escape rooms and a deep commitment to building a strong and inclusive Portland BIPOC community.

With over 50 escape rooms under our belts, we’ve embarked on a new adventure to bring the excitement and challenge of escape rooms to a whole new level.

As parents and advocates for diversity, we’re excited to offer a unique overnight experience that combines thrilling escape room challenges with an uplifting BIPOC education. Our goal is to share the untold stories that were overlooked in traditional classrooms, immersing participants in the rich tapestry of BIPOC cultures, histories and perspectives.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure where every puzzle, clue, and moment is an opportunity for education, inspiration, and celebration of diversity. Whether you’re an escape room enthusiast or a family seeking a unique bonding experience, our overnight immersive experience promises to captivate your senses and leave lasting memories.